Motorcycle Theft Prevention: 4 Tips You Should Consider


Motorcycle Theft Prevention: 4 Tips You Should Consider

There’s a lot to love about your motorcycle. It’s no wonder you do! You’re not the only person who does though. Thieves do as well! The truth is that here in Texas, motorcycle theft is typically a simple crime of opportunity. Someone notices your bike, sees it is not well protected, and decides it is their lucky day. This is good news, though, because it means if you make your bike more difficult to steal, you are able to greatly reduce your theft risk. Make today the day you learn how to better protect your prized possession!

These practical tips that may help you minimize the danger of motorcycle theft:

Tip #1 Store your motorcycle safely.

By far, the most common place for your motorcycle to be stolen from is your own home. If you have one, store your bike in a garage and out of view. You may also want to install security cameras or motion-detection lighting. Place cameras or lights over not just the main door but also any side doors leading to your garage, since a motorcycle is able to be pushed through a small doorway.

Tip #2 Travel with theft prevention gear.

Your bike isn’t always parked at home, of course. Parking your motorcycle near a store, bar, gas station, restaurant, hotel, friend’s house, or at another event can provide an opportunity for thieves to see it and take it. Buy good locks and chains and keep them with your travel gear. Don’t just buy them…be sure to use them to secure your motorcycle each and every time you park!

Tip #3 Be savvy about where you park.

It should come to no surprise that leaving your bike parked over in a dark alley isn’t a great idea. So where should you park it? If possible, park in sight of a store or resteraunt’s security cameras. This will either dissuade potential thieves or help with recovery if it does get stolen. Find a well-lit location. Also, park near other motorcycles. This way, you’ll gain the benefit of having other owners watching their bikes, too. This will potentially alert you to any suspicious activity you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

Tip #4 Install additional protection.

You can hide theft-prevention GPS units on your motorcycle, which greatly aid recovery if the bike is stolen. Adding extra locks or an alarm system can not only make your bike harder to steal, these preventative measures can also save you money on your Texas motorcycle insurance. If you’re less likely to make a claim, your insurance company rewards you with a nice discount!

In the event you can’t stop it and your motorcycle is stolen, you’ll be glad you have Texas motorcycle insurance coverage through Pronto Insurance. Every step of the way, we’re here to help you! We offer motorcycle insurance with flexible options to fit your budget and needs. Get your free quote now!

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