Car Insurance FAQs: How much does car insurance go up after an accident?


No one tries to get into a car crash. That is why it is called an “accident!” Yet for thousands of people every single day, it happens. Once you are sure everyone is okay and the dust has settled, you have one question on your mind “How is this going to affect my car insurance coverage?”

If you are worried, you are not alone. Most people fear their rates will be hiked up after an accident. In fact, this is the number one reason people attempt to hide the fact that an accident occurred from their car insurance provider. And sorry to say, these fears are not unfounded. According to the data, drivers who make a single auto insurance claim saw their premiums increase on average by 44.1%. That’s astonishing! 

What is even worse, the reported premium increases weren’t for those who have a history of unsafe driving. The study concluded that, even after a single auto claim, premium increases can be this significant. If you get into an accident and see a rate jump like that, it is very possible that your car insurance is now out of your price range. It is time to look for a better coverage option.

For many, this better, more affordable car insurance after an accident comes from Pronto Insurance. Your car insurance coverage does not need to be unreasonably priced, even if you’ve made a claim recently. If you can no longer afford your monthly premiums or simply think it is outrageous that your current company would raise your price so high, look into making the switch. Comprehensive coverage, the kind you need to feel safe and covered while you are driving, does not need to be expensive!

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